Elitsia AB

- A small, private consulting firms.

Why work at Elitsia?

You may wonder why you should start working at a small company such as Elitsia? Working at small company has many advantages. At Elitsia you are a much bigger part of the company, you have great potential to affect large and small things and decisions, receive higher starting salary and good benefits.

Read more about the various benefits that we have in the company further down the page.

  • High initial salary.
  • Greater influence in the company.
  • Competitive wages.
  • Many social activities.
  • Attractive annual bonus.

Why hire our consultants?

We guarantee our customers that our consultants possess both the appropriate skills and social skills. This we can guarantee by allowing our employees to decide for themselves if an available position is of interest or not before we try to get the contract. We also compare their skills with customer requirements to see if a candidate can be considered for a position or not.

Our customers and the relationship with the customer is hugely important for us, which means we continuously follow up our employees' reputation at the customer. As a small company, we are very competitive and flexible in terms of the customer's hourly rate. If our customers aren't satisfied, we are not satisfied.

Elitsia AB - A small company with big goals and aspirations.

Elitsia is an IT consulting company that was founded in 2010. The company is based in Gothenburg and has held positions in both the telecommunications industry and the automotive industry. It is a small company with big goals and aspirations.

Among other things, we aim to grow sharply in 2017 and have had a much higher turnover during 2016 than previous year. We are now looking for both new candidates to hire and new clients who might be interested in our employees.

Elitsia offers a competitive contract and annual bonus.

Competitive contract

If an employer should be seen as attractive and be a company where you would like to stay for a long time then this requires a lot from the employer. At Elitsia we know how important this is, and has therefore developed a competitive employment contract that is flexible so that it will fit you as a worker in the best way. We are all different and we have many opinions about what defines a good contract and by being able to choose a little more freely on the agreement, we try to make everyone as happy as we can.

Has Elitsia’s year resulted in good earnings? In this case, you as an employee at Elitsia can also expect a good bonus for that year. As an employee you are a big reason to if Elitsia get a positive result or not and because of this we believe that you also should get a part of the result.

We offer a unique bonus for tips about new people to hire.

Attractive tip bonus!

To increase the chances of becoming more employees on Elitsia we encourage people to give tips on new talented and nice people who would be interested in working at Elitsia. If your tip leads to the person becoming an employee in the end, then an attractive tip bonus is give to you! Elitsia’s tip bonus is very competitive and may well be the most generous in the consulting market.

We have created a bonus system where you have the opportunity to choose between two forms of your bonus. One option is to choose to receive SEK 25 000 in gross fixed bonus. In this case the bonus is paid two parts, where 10,000 SEK is first paid after the person has worked at Elitsia 2 months and where the remaining 15,000 SEK is paid when the person has worked at Elitsia 6 months. The second option means you annually receive 5% of the gross value of the annual result Elitsia do on the person you tipped off about. If you choose this option, an annual sum will be paid to you as long as the person you recruited is still in the company and provided that the company has not had a negative result for that person. Option 1 has the advantage that you can quickly get your bonus, while the second option may mean that you will earn much more money if the person stays in the company a few years. The choice is clear and the choice is yours.

Elitsia also invest and start up new projects whose benefits employees receive a part of.


Elitsia invests a portion of its revenues in new own projects and ideas. We know that if you're going to have a long term plan and have a greater chance of success with your business that requires you to re-invest part of the earnings in your company. We are trying to develop new projects that we believe will benefit us in one way or another. Previously, we invested a portion in web sites, but recently it has become more focus on mobile apps. Do you as an employee have any good ideas on anything we should to start up? Then we would like to encourage you to share your ideas to see if it’s an idea for Elitsia to realize.

Would any of Elitsias own projects generate income for the company, we will of course also share these profits as we believe that this can contribute to more good ideas are provided by the employees.

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